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What Makes UK Family Mediation Service Leicester the Reliable Choice

It is no accident that UK Family Mediation Leicester is one of the UK’s most reputable mediation company. Its wide coverage range of services across child and finances.

Here is a look at some of the factors that make UK Family Mediation a leader in the UK

Effective Customer Services

There are few businesses where the adage ‘customer is king’ rings truer than in the MEDIATION industry.

No ADR comapny can be successful if it doesn’t treat its customers well.

The fact that UK Family Mediation has grown to is  testament to the effectiveness of its customer services.

It has a large staff of approachable and pleasant people that put customers at ease when talking to them.

Whether you are talking to them face-to-face or through telephones calls or emails, you are sure to be replied to immediately and in a courteous manner.


When it comes to making family decisions, the more informed you are, the better. Even though there is a lot of information on the internet, most of it is often contradictory. Thus instead of helping customers, it leaves many of them feeling more confused than before.

UK Family Mediation’s Leicester long experience, the wide range of family dispute services offered and employment of highly competent and well-informed staff makes it a one-stop shop for all information that you may need  in the UK.

Over the years the UK Family Mediation Family mediation service has developed a reputation for professionalism. All the information they give you is factual; nothing forced to influence your decision-making in their favour.

Divorcing Leicester or separating, or deciding on the best mediator for your situation can be extremely stressful. You need to have a lot of information to make the right decision.

My Solicitor suggested we try mediation before court and I was really surprised how well it can work. No arguments just discussions on resolving. Jane Leicester

Medation was our last hope and was a good option. This mediation service helped us to find our separate ways without any problem.

The first thought that came to mind when I decided to leave my husband was future of my kids. Thanks to family mediation service I got out of my troubled marriage and was also able to secure my child’s future.

Both my wife and I had made a decision of not opting for the court proceedings just to spare our children from the trauma and torture. Luckily for us, UK Family Mediation’s services provided effective and efficient results leading to separation on mutual grounds.
My married life was totally finished and I thought of ending it but I didn’t want my children to suffer. I went for family mediation service here and now I and my wife are separately bringing up our children with a plan.

My husband & I both are working and my husband didn’t have time for the kids. My husband wanted divorce but I didn’t want to break the family. So I came here for mediation and we are now working towards a plan. Kevin Leicester

Our children were the most important factor when we separated so it was important to get a plan sorted for access and agreeinh holidays.

UK family mediation service is really a great way to settle disputes without heavy paper work. One should always go for this easy method.
I had some property issues with one of my business partners. I didn’t want to get into court matters so I opted for mediation. Everything was solved and that too without any issues.
During our divorce my husband was getting the custody of children but I didn’t want that and we called on for family mediation service where I got the agreed access.
My wife was demanding a lot of as a part of divorce and then I consulted Family mediation service to a proper agreement and I succeeded in that very well.
My husband sorted out a property issue with his brother through UK family mediation service. I recommend everyone to settle their disputes with this easy method.

It was very difficult for me to handle our divorce proceedings but, thanks to UK Family Mediation Service the whole divorce affair was done very quickly.

My wife and I weren’t ready to get a legal divorce since it’s a costly and time consuming process. Thankfully for us, UK Family Mediation came ended up being the perfect outlet that provided timely and affordable mediation services.
I’m pleased to say that the services provided at UK Family Mediation have been efficient and effective in every way. My ex and I are happy to have chosen to settle our differences with their help.
As I didn’t want to do anything with Solicitors, I decided to opt for UK Family Mediation’s service Leicester. I have to say, I couldn’t have found more impartial, helpful and supportive mediators. I highly recommend their services.

I and my wife wanted to get separated, but we were really worried about those lengthy divorce procedures so after recommendation from our common friend we decided to take help from UK Family Mediation and thanks to these people we are now happily living separately.

These people are pure professionals, they know about all the legalities and are also very good at dealing with child related issues.
I will always be thankful to UK Family Mediation for their services and the way they handled my situation properly and carefully.
I didn’t wanted to waste my money and time on divorce proceedings. So, at the suggestion of our common friend, we decided to consult this mediation service and thanks to these people, I saved a lot of money and time.
I wanted to opt for a private process that fairly separated our properties, investments and other fixed assets. Since a court’s proceedings would have ended up being too costly, UK Family Mediation’s services were effective and efficient for us.
My family life was in ruins so we decided to consult UK Family Mediation Leicester and to my amazement, in a few meetings all of our issues were resolved.
Nothing was going right for me and there was nobody there to help me until I met these people. UK Family Mediation helped me overcome our issues and now I’m very happy with my life.
When I decided to leave my wife, I had a great concern for my children’s future. After consulting UK family mediation service Leicester both of us are happy and separately bringing up our children.
I got rid of my ex partner without indulging into any court matters through this mediation service. It was really easy and quick.
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