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Live far apart? The Mediation Skype is perfect Leicester

Unfortunately, relationships end and some breakups are messier than others. Meditation from professionals in the field is sometimes necessary, especially if children are involved. If you live far apart – mediation Skype is available by us. Let’s take a further look at why mediation might need to be used in addition to what we can offer.

Why you might need family mediation Leicester?

– Something so bad happened in your relationship with your ex, that it’s now almost impossible for the two of you to communicate properly without an unbiased third party.

– It’s a service that is much cheaper than solicitors and will hopefully help you come to a reasonable agreement for any property or custody agreements that need to be arranged.

– Perhaps you live far away from your ex and this makes things harder. This means that live far apart – mediation Skype is perfect for the situation. Check our feedback from recent mediations services that we have done.

What UK family mediation service Leicester offer

– We will listen to your situation and around mediation for you and your ex, whether in person or over mediation Skype.

– We deal with a whole range of situations, whether you are struggling to separate property, finances or parental rights.

– Our aim is to help you communicate so that you can come up with the best agreement for you without the need to go to court.

– No matter what web of issues you are dealing with, we can help solve it.

We’ve helped families whose situations have been really complicated, so just give us a try.


Nobody expects their relationship to fall apart but it happens and it doesn’t need to be the end of the years. Whatever you shared together as a couple, you can sort something out that makes you both happy. Check out more about our company and what is available at

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