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How UK Family Mediation Leicester can be useful in Parental Alienation

When this happens, in some cases, one of the parents may use the parental alienation technique to damage the relationship the children may have with the other parent. Alienating parents may do this out of anger but parental alienation can be very dangerous to children, especially if they had a good relationship with the alienated parents. The alienating parents may think alienation may win the children to take their side, but in reality, the behaviour can harm the children emotionally.

In some cases, alienating parents can be so extreme as to abuse the children into disliking the other parent. Children may behave in a hostile way when the alienating parent is around but when they are alone with the alienated parent, they change into happy children.

Effects of Parental Alienation to Children Leicester
  • Alienating parents may become verbally abusive to children which will cause more damage to the mental health of the children.
  • The parent may instil fear into the children to dislike the other parent. And in extreme cases farce the children into falsely accusing the alienated parent of physical abuse.
  • When the children do not side with the alienating parent, they may be subjected to physical or verbal abuse by the parent, which is very dangerous and the situation will require intervention.

Most alienated parents may directly seek the services of a mediator, as a way of rescuing their children from the emotional torture brought by parental alienation, while others will take legal action against the alienating parent. In some cases, the court may suggest mediation to help evaluate the alienation problem and report to court for the appropriate action to be taken. Mediation may greatly help stop the alienation problem.

Benefits of Mediation in Parental Alienation Leicester
  • Mediation will give a neutral evaluation of alienation accusations against any of the parents. A mediator will not take sides with either of the parents and if there is indeed an alienation problem, then they will guide the parents in ways to avoid the problem.
  • Mediation will help confirm the parental alienation accusations against a parent. If the alienated parent goes to court with alienation accusations, then a mediator will evaluate the family relationship to confirm the accusations or banish the claims.
  • When alienating parents become abusive to the children, then a mediator will be in a better position to suggest that the children be taken away from the abusive parent.
  • A mediator may also evaluate the mental health of the children to see if they may need therapy to get out of the emotional torture brought by parental alienation.

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